High Performance Hi-Float Fly Line

Prestige2Double Tapered & Weight Forward

Color: Moss Green. High tech floating agents make this line float high on the surface
for a softer, less disturbing line pick-up. This is a superb presentation line. Its smooth
finish allows longer casts.
Sizes available:

WF5HF, WF6HF, WF7HF, WF8HF, WF9HF ……………………………………. 18.04 / 30 yd spool

High Performance Fast Sinking Fly Lines

Prestige1Double Tapered & Weight Forward

Color: Dark Green. These fast sinking fly lines will provide you with the ability to
successfully pursue fish in deep water situations. An added benefit of their traditional
weight forward design and thinner high density coating, is the ease with which they
can be cast in the wind. Whatever species you seek, if they are deep, this line will take you there.
Sizes available:


WF5S, WF6S, WF7S, WF8S, WF9S, WF10S …………………………………..12.38 / 30 yd spool

Floating Fly Line

This is a premium line at a standard price. This series is our best bargain. For enhanced visibility, this line allows you to place big flies in small places.

Level Line has been a standardFloating
among professionals and beginners for years.
Color: Lime Green
Sizes available:
LF5F, LF6F, LF7F, LF8F, LF9F: 25 yd spool

Double Tapered & Weight Forward lines offer
exceptional fine quality at competitive prices.
Color: Lime Green
Sizes available:
WF5F, WF6F, WF7F, WF8F, WF9F: 30 yd spool

Dacron Fly Line Backing

Colors: Fluorescent Lime, Orange, Yellow as well as Blue & Pink. By far the finest Fly Line Backing on the market today.


Nylon Casting Line

Color: Black. This round, hard braided line assures long, accurate casting and smoother retrieval; and is heat set.


Nylon Braided Seine Twine & Duck Decoy

Made from 100% nylon yarns, this green, white or gold twine is resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. Uses for this twine include trot line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, and commercial applications. Any place a high quality green, white or gold braided nylon twine is needed, this braided twine will fit the bill.


Nylon “Squidding Trolling & Snagging” Line

Color: Sand, Green. A softer braid, heat set and water-proofed for longer life and durability. This line has been the standard as a super catfish line.


Catfish Braid

This is the thinnest yet toughest and most economical braided catfish line on the market anywhere. Discovered by serious catfish anglers, this line is water-proofed and heat set to reduce stretch for more powerful hook-sets.

CatfishTableCatfish Line

Braided Mill Ends

Braided Mill ends are over-runs of various lb. tests and colors of braided Dacron and Nylon lines. Packaged in a 12 pack base-deck display, Mill ends make the ideal impulse purchase. They can be used for everything from reel backing to jug fishing or even for tying up tomato plants.

Braided Mill Ends


Dacron IFGA Class

Color: Green Spot  Our premier IGFA lines are heat set and waterproofed. Their low stretch and high abrasive resistance equals Trophy power! Used by more & more “finicky” fishermen every year!