Woodstock Teams up with the Larry Smith Outdoors

We are very excited and proud to be a product sponsor of Larry Smith Outdoors, a top-rated outdoor television show in the upper Midwest. Larry currently fishes with our various ice lines, including our US made tip-up lines and our High-Performance Ice monofilaments. Larry also takes-on trophy fish during the open water months while using our lead core trolling line, High-Performance mono, and Power-Strike Super Braids.

We are truly honored to have Larry on our team fishing with our products. We can’t say enough about how much Larry brings to the outdoors and to all of us who share the same passion. Our common interest in this awesome creation and all that it offers is why Woodstock Line Co. and Larry Smith Outdoors have chosen to team up together.

You can follow Larry on social media, and find his entertaining videos on his YouTube channel. Also, be sure to check out his weekly TV shows on Fox Sports (North/WI), Spectrum Sports, and CW-18.
For more details about Larry Smith Outdoors, please visit: www.larrysmithoutdoors.com

Team of the year titles continue to stack up for Woodstock fishing teams!

Mike Hanson & JJ DeBernardi
2014 IWT T.O.Y.

Guide Mike Hanson and his fishing partner JJ DeBernardi won their first Illinois Walleye trail team of the year title in 2014. This inspired the team to take on the MWC where they placed 4th in 2018 overall points race. They used Woodstock Power Strike super braid in a variety of techniques to help them place among the best in 2018.

Mark & Brian Mazur
2017 IWT T.O.Y.

Big Water brothers Mark and Brian Mazur ran away with the 2017 IWT team title primarily trolling Woodstock 18lb. Lead core with cranks. They also used Power Strike super braid and High-Performance monofilament in secondary presentations to catch more than enough big walleye and sauger to secure their victory.

Former Cabela’s NTC champs Bob Hausler and Chris Clemmons captured the 2018 IWT title exclusively pulling 3-way rigs with Woodstock 10/2 Power Strike super braid main lines, coupled with 10lb. High-Performance monofilament leaders.  Congrats Gentleman!

Bearcat Fall Classic – Nordbye Takes Second

Nordbye 10:25:15

Andrew Nordbye took second in the Bearcat Fall Classic held October 25, 2015 on Mozingo Lake in Missouri.  It was a tough day on the water with the lake turning over, a cold front coming in, and the bite turned off.  The fish were not active and when they did bite, they barely ate the bait.  Even with these conditions  and 8 lost keepers – including a 5-pounder that was almost to the net – Nordbye and his partner caught 4 keepers and had the big bass of the tournament.

Two keepers were caught in the trees on a Fish Hog Tackle punch jig tipped with a Tightlines UV jig trailer in green red flake color.  The others were caught on an emerald-brown LiveTarget frog.  Along with the frogs, Nordbye used Woodstock Line Company’s 65-lb Power Strike braided line saying “it is the smoothest and strongest braid I have ever used”.

With this tournament wrapping up Nordbye’s 2015 season, he thanked those who have supported and sponsored him throughout.  He looks forward to fishing the Nationals this coming spring and, with a win, the possibility of fishing in the Forest Wood Cup.

Andrew Nordbye Takes 4th

Last weekend, Woodstock Pro-staff member Andrew Nordbye took 4th in the N2IT Championship on Mozingo Lake.

They ended the first day with 11 pounds with only 4 fish to weigh in.  Unfortunately, he lost a 4-pounder at the net that would have been their 5th fish and won them the tournament. On the second day of the tournament, they had 19.5 pounds for a total of just over 30 pounds for the two days. The tournament winning weight was 33.5 pounds.

Andrew Nordbye with Tournament Fish

Andrew Nordbye with Tournament Fish



Said Nordbye,”I caught all the fish on LiveTarget Frogs! What a blast having 7-pound bass blowing up through the moss on the frog. Nothing beats that top water bite. I used Woodstock Line’s 65-lb braid, which never broke and landed me all of my fish.”

EZ Tip-Up Rig

The EZ Tip-Up Rig is designed to be fished with a tip-up. Simply tie it to your tip-up line, add a split-shot, bait the hook, and it’s ready to fish.

EZ Tip UpFeatures & Advantages

• Small barrel swivel prevents line twists while your bait swims freely

• 6” ultra-thin 20 lb test brown 1×7 wire prevents bite-offs

• Includes 1 nickel and 1 gold bangle to attract fish in different water and light conditions

• Quick change clevis allows anglers to use their favorite style & color blade attractors

• Red bead and red treble hook attracts more fish and triggers more strikes




EZ Tip Up Table

Mazur Brothers on a Roll with Help from Woodstock Leadcore and Power Strike Lines

Mark and Brian Mazur

Mark and Brian Mazur

During the past year of competitive tournament walleye fishing, Mark and Brian Mazur have racked-up five top four finishes, plus enjoyed having back-to-back Big Fish honors at the Master Walleye Circuit event on the Illinois River. These two talented walleye anglers are on a hot streak and worth keeping an eye on in 2013.

Merkel & Wrosch Win Big at State Championship

Gary Merkel and Jason Wrosch

Gary Merkel and Jason Wrosch

Woodstock Fishing Team members, Gary Merkel and Jason Wrosch took first place at the Illinois Walleye Trail State Championship this April. The two also won the Woodstock contingency bonus by being the top placing Woodstock Fishing Team. Placing second in the championship were Chris Clemmons and Bob Hausler, who are also members of the Woodstock Fishing Team. In fact six of the top ten teams use Woodstock’s Leadcore and Power Strike Spectra.

Power Strike Helps Win National Walleye Championship

Power Strike Helps Win National Walleye Championship

Chris Clemmons & Bob Hausler

Thousands of walleye anglers from across North America competed to become one of 250 teams invited to the 2009 Cabela’s National Team Walleye Championship. Chris Clemmons & Bob Hausler credit Power Strike for helping them achieve their ultimate goal.

“We used Power Strike all season, including the championship. Its thin diameter-to-strength ratio coupled with its low stretch and fishability, gave us the edge we needed to win. Power Strike’s increased sensitivity allowed us to detect subtle bites, but at the same time provided the extra strength needed to power our winning fish into the net.”


High Performance Mono Filament

MonofilamentColors: Mossy Green, Crystal Clear. We are proud to offer our “High Performance” mono filament. It is far superior to any mono filament we have offered before. It is more supple, holds knots better, has much less stretch and a smaller diameter. (Our mono filament is available under your own private label.)


Spectra™ Fly Line Backing

The Next Generation in Fish Line Technology

Color: Green, White, and Yellow.  When performance really counts, Power Strike Fly Line Backing is the only choice!
It has incredible strength, an ultra-thin diameter, and no stretch. The small diameter reduces line drag in the water and more than doubles your backing line capacity without increasing your reel size. By far, the best fly line backing!