PowerCast Fishing LineNEW Super Line

This Super Line is produced from Spectra Fiber and is encapsulated with a special coating, giving it the strength of Spectra and the durability and diameter of the finest Mono filament line on the market today. Its perfectly round diameter and lubricity allows this line to pass through your rod guides with almost zero friction like no other line.

This line was developed with minimum stretch and great durability for longer casting combined with the strength of Spectra braid.

POWER CAST is twice as strong as monofilament of the same diameter

Rated Pound Test
6 LBS 0.009
8 LBS 1.010
10 LBS 0.013
15 LBS 0.014
20 LBS 0.018
30 LBS 0.021
50 LBS 0.022


  • Tough as the strongest braid
  • 2X the strength of mono
  • 90% smoother than braid
  • Feels like mono
  • Near zero rod-guide friction
  • Twice as sensitive as mono
  • 30% Less cost than brai

Offering the best of both worlds

This new super line technology combines Spectra Fibers, encapsulated with a proprietary coating, making it tough as braid but feel and cast like mono. This new coating allows POWERCAST to have superior cast ability and distance compared to monofilament, fluorocarbon, or the standard braided lines. So, whether you are using a casting or spinning reel you will find POWERCAST to be the quietest and easiest to manage super line ever designed.