New Items

Power Ice

NEW Super Line POWER ICE is the perfect ice fishing line. Since it is made out of Spectra Fiber and is encapsulated with a special coating. This line has minimum stretch and with its coating provides a water proof seal. Rated Pound Test Diameter 6 LBS 0.009 8 LBS 1.010 10 LBS 0.013 Features Zero […]



NEW Super Line This Super Line is produced from Spectra Fiber and is encapsulated with a special coating, giving it the strength of Spectra and the durability and diameter of the finest Mono filament line on the market today. Its perfectly round diameter and lubricity allows this line to pass through your rod guides with […]


EZ Tip-Up Rig

The EZ Tip-Up Rig is designed to be fished with a tip-up. Simply tie it to your tip-up line, add a split-shot, bait the hook, and it’s ready to fish. Features & Advantages • Small barrel swivel prevents line twists while your bait swims freely • 6” ultra-thin 20 lb test brown 1×7 wire prevents bite-offs • Includes 1 […]